Dudley's Tower The Observatory Florentina's Memoires The Latest Misdeeds The Great Hall Jessica's Zone The Library The Cavernous Kitchens Richard's Dungeon Gregori's Laboratory The Wizard's Lair The Garden Wall The Garden The Sheep Field The Fish Pond The Brick Outhouse Fang's Territory

Oi! I spent nearly half an hour creating this page, and only idiots have gazed upon its awesomeness! Bah!

Now take the first train outta here..

The Rail

The Great Hall The Observatory The Latest Misdeeds The Library The Sheep Field Fang's Territory
Jessica's Zone Richard's Dungeon The Wizard's Lair Dudley's Tower The Brick Outhouse
Gregori's Laboratory The Fish Pond The Garden Wall The Cavernous Kitchens Florentina's Memoires The Garden