Trundle off down the long, winding corridors of Mudshark Towers, and get youself locked in the following boxrooms: (Don't worry, someone will hear you hammering on the walls eventually...)

Come and have a natter over the Garden wall. Tired of being ignored at
home? Come and be ignored here instead! Mudshark Towers is
open for business

Take your thermos flask and bloater paste sandwiches and prepare to spend a chilly night in The Observatory. Exciting pictures of this year's Total Eclipse!!! (well - pictures...)

too! (where will it all end?) Fang has joined the Claw Webring and given Claudette her own small scratching post

The Cavernous Kitchens See if that's dinner burning, or if Peep's boiling his socks again. Includes CHEESE OF THE MONTH!! actually

Are you suffering from Creeping Celine Dionism? Don't worry - help is at hand as
Flo reviews "Space Brains from Outer Space" by the G Gordon Liddy's
And what have the G Gordon Liddys ever done to deserve that you might think..(pretend to look excited about the frames)

This time on Mudshark Towers.... Celebrate Dead Di Day with The Wizard. Pictures of the extremely tasteless t-shirt coming soon!

Now you've wiped your feet you can...er... wash your hands, out in the Brick Outhouse. Don't forget to leave a little something.......

The Family Gallery. So Who-The-Hell are The Mudsharks anyway?

The Library: Spend a wet afternoon browsing through The Family's great Historical Archives. Emerge slightly nauseous, but with a feeling of moral superiority.

The Sheep Field. Get your wellies on and go Ovine.. The Silence Of The Lambs.

The Fish Pond Don't fall in now! I said.... Oh, never mind - Get the net, Monty.. Includes Recently Dead Fish, RED FISH! and Bouillabaisse

The Bag with everything swimming around in it For all you bag fans out there!

The Sharkophonic Network - a lot of string and tin cans...e-mail Monty and Flo

A totally random corner of Mudshark Towers , from where you may never escape, (evil chuckle!)