Admit it - you're one of those people who write "witty" comments on the walls of public lavatories, aren't you? How do I know? Well, you wouldn't be lurking around Mudshark Towers if you didn't have some sort of personality problem, would you?

OK, how about you put your artistic talents to better use by scrawling a few words on this particular lavvy. Yes, it's one of those "guestbook" thingies, and yes, I will laugh myself sick at your pathetic spelling. Hey, I gotta have some fun in life!!

Stick yer name in here (go on, I won't tell anyone you were here)

And your e-mail address. Oh, come on, how am I going to make snide remarks back at you otherwise?

Now get those crayons motoring....

Wanna read the wall? Tilt your head to one side and click here

Now wash your hands and don't go back to Mudshark Towers with your knickers tucked into your skirt again! Tch!!