(The "Don't Say I Don't Ever Give You Anything" Section)

And here it is! The incredibly shy, retiring, sexy, unusual and downright GREEN gametophyte generation!

See the funky little cup-like protrusions? Those are where the gametes live, and when a dirty great raindrop comes along and hits the shy, retiring etc.. plantlet... Blooooosh! Out fly all the gametes, doing what gametes do best, which is swimming around looking for other gametes to indulge in a bit of fertilization with! Yes - raw sex in the plant kingdom! You read it first on Mudshark Towers!

Now get out of here this minute! Didn't your parents warn you about all this pornography on the Net? And did you take any notice of them? No you didn't! Well don't blame me if you end up with a cucumber fetish!

Fondle the cucumber and return to Mudshark Towers with a guilty look on your face