Right, get your pinnie on, stick some rollers in your hair, and shuffle off down to the garden wall to have a good old gossip about someone behind their back.

If you've ever wanted to chat endlessly about cheese with like-minded souls, now's your chance to do it somewhere appropriate (ahem!)

Mudshark Towers is proud to present its very own on-site ! It is to IRC what a B-reg Lada is to a BMW. It has absolutely no interesting features or utilities and it twitches, but you don't need to know any magic spells to make it work, all you have to do is click here (or over there). Chances are there'll be no-one else there, but, hey, can I help it if you have no friends?

Oh - before you go (you haven't gone yet, have you? Good.) - If you don't see your name appearing at the top of the screen when you log on, just hit the reload button and all should be well. (that's could count as an interesting feature, I suppose...)

Mudshark Towers

where you can make friends
and tell whopping great fibs
about yourself to guillible aliens,
who will think you're dead sexy,
especially if you call yourself
LurveWalrus or something
stupid like that

realise that no-one is ever going to want
to talk to you and slouch gloomily
back to Mudshark Towers