Sheep in Greece

A Flock Of Sheep in Paleokastritas

Notice the extra-long legs which enable to sheep to step over drunken tourists with ease.

Sheep in Grease


Cut a sheep into one inch cubes (this is more easily accomplished if your sheep is purchased from the supermarket wrapped in clingfilm and dead), soak the cubes in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and oregano for a few hours (you can busy youself with a bit of creative loafing whilst this is going on), thread the cubes onto metal skewers, or wooden ones which you've had to run out and buy after you discovered that the last time you used your metal ones you put them away still wet and they've gone all rusty and disgusting.

Slap the skewers on the barbecue and cook until cooked. (What do you mean, you forgot to light the barbecue? Do I have to tell you to do everything ???) Meanwhile, drink lots of beer and/or retsina and eventually end up dancing to bouzouki music, making a complete fool of yourself.

(Psst - this way back to The Sheep Field. Try not to fall over and.......eeeeuuuugh!! Well, you can clear that up yourself!)