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So, you think Hexen is hard even at the easy skill?

Well you have come to the right place

This is the walkthrough

I won't be mentioning minor items( because the can be found without looking) or most minor battles because this walkthrough will be about a quater of a megabyte if i did. I WILL point out powerful items like Porkulators, mystic urns , icons and krators and mega tough battles. Now lets get on with the walkthrough

winnowing hall and 7 portals

You begin the game in front of a porch with a door at a far end. In front of you is a pot and on the porch are some Ettins. At your own time, beat up the monsters and smash the windows for some health vails. Open the door to the chapel, then grab the flechet(s) nearby a caged teleporter. When you pick them up. a bunch of monsters will be realesed. There a several windows but for now head for the west wing and smash a window with the fighter on it (the one on the right). This reveals a staircase going down. After the stairs you come to a small room, on one wall there is a switch. Pull it and the big brass doors at the west side of the room will slide open. Open the door after the brass doors and go to the far wall (the wall with a window) and pull the switch on the left of the window. The colum at the centre of the room will lower with the emerald key on it. Feel free to poke around the room for flasks and other possible things. It is now time to leave the room