Thursday 27th February 1997

New!.... New!.... New!.... Sheep Clone Controversy...

Following the recent revelation that a sheep named "Dolly" had been successfully cloned, thousands of angry sheep are picketing Mudshark Towers waving placards and demanding that this heinous practice should cease . Our roving sheep reporter is on the spot with a few comments from our ovine friends:

"Meh-ry" - "We demand our rights! A romp with a ram - none of this test-tube stuff! Er.. how big did you say this test tube was?"

"B-Leatitia" - Who knows where it could end - they'll be cloning Llamas before you know it, and then there'll be trouble, you mark my words!"

"Bah-bara" - "What sort of name is "Dolly", anyway! Sheesh!"

Most of the flock seemed to support these views, with cries of "Me too!" "Me too, too" "Me three" "Follow that sheep!", but we did manage to interview one sheep who wished to remain nameless who said:

"Well, like, if they can put the fertilized egg into a totally different sheep, I say, "why not?" I tell you, my varicose viens are killing me after the terrible time I had with Larry the Lamb last year. And I still can't get into my party fleece. And stretch-marks... don't talk to me about stretch marks! I say - put the eggs into some other creature - a chicken, maybe? - and let us have some fun out here in the field, running around, howling at the moon and biting each other in the neck."

(later information suggests this may have been a wolf in sheep's clothing)

Stay tuned to Sheep News for more developments......