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To access the cheats pres the ` key and type in any of the following

impulse 9 = all weapons, ammo and keys

impulse 11 = one rune (exit console if you want another rune and repeat)

give * (a letter and a number or nos. 3-8) c= thunderblaster ammo r= rockets s=shels n= nails, a no. after the letter gives you the amount. Numbers give you the particular weapon map or changelevel ( map or changelevel start,e*m* or end) go to another level


1 the axe

erm? what can I say? this is STUPID! Who will want to use it anyway? someone who is brain-damaged? SHEESH!

2 the shotgun

A basic medium-range assain rifle but weak compared to most of the guns of Quake

3 the twin barrelled shot gun

My fave.! at v close range it does about half the dmg of a grenade but it has its drawbacks. no1 it is SLOW

no2 it uses 2 shells per PHOMPH! CHICK! (sound) and no 3 at long range the blast goes all over the shop so it is not a good long range gun

no4 the nailgun

Shouldn't this be called the twin barrelled machene gun? This simple gun fire darts which are weak but with the gun's fire rate, it adds up

no5 the supernailgun

A chaingun if I ever saw one! This gun uses 2 nails per blast and has a thunderus fire rate. Useful for a med. long range gun.

no 6 the greanade launcher

fires a bomb which when it hits an enamy explodes, if it misses it bounces around and then blows up after a few secs. Mainly used for short range combat although it can be use for insane bombing into low places: )

no 7 the rocket launcher or bazooka

The bazooka is a good long range gun but at close point blank (same applies to no 6) range and OOFFA!!!! (hint: try aiming to the ground ,firing and jumpig at the same time)

no 8 the thunderbolt or lightning gun

this is the onlyregistered weapon. What it does is that it fires a streak of blue energy that literly fries anything in your way. Try it underwater for best affect: )

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The battle hints

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Ideal weapons tactics

o.k. The shotgun is an ideal strafe attack weapon and useful for picking off grunts at long range, but it is not the type of weapon which you want to use on shamblers!. Weapon no. three is slow but deadly and is great for dropping ogres. Nailguns are used to pepper medium strength monsters. Explosives are mainly for zombies or for tough monsters like hell Knights, a bit over the top for injured Knights or scrags. Thunderbolts are for vore's/salrath's or shambelers, but if you are underwater at the time of firing there will be a mega dischargethat will gib everything in the water including you

Movement tactics

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Deathmatch tactics

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