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Friday 18th July - It's Shearing Time! - "The mothers have got haircuts!" - Jonquilletta Mudshark, aged 6. You thought sheep were plump, cuddly animals, right? Guess what - IT'S ALL WOOL!! They're scrawny little brutes, really. Pictures at eleven! (well, sometime soon. maybe) Plus - Sheep In Greece!!

Thursday 15th May - Get Your Own Sheep! Click here to adopt your own virtual pet sheep

Tuesday 13th May Cute Lamb Pics!

Thurday 2nd April 1997

To Ewe-na, at about half past three this afternoon, a bouncing baby lamb, and a famer's arm indelicately inserted to check for the second one, which wasn't there. Mother and baby standing around in field, grumbling at the weather, which has turned unaccountably parky considering it's supposed to be bloody Spring!

A large number of similar happy events are expected in the next couple of days. In fact, the entire flock's EDD is Saturday 5th April, which can only mean one thing: No, not a particulary testosterone-charged ram who died of exhaustion, but with a smile on his face, but instead a pellet-charged farmer who was extremely busy some 160 odd days ago.

Yes, sad to relate, AI has come to our ovine friends too!

Stay tuned to "Sheep News" as we ponder the age-old question: How is it something as cute and appealing as a lamb can grow up into something as unpreposessing as a sheep??

At this point one is supposed to have a cute little icon which weary travellers can click on to get them out of this particular nightmare, but I don't have one yet, so just click on the word ANTIRRHINUM and you'll be back at Mudshark Towers before you know it!

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