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Light laser: A wimpy sort of ZOW ZOW! type of gun but pathetic in the damage side, a last resort

Combat laser: Hmmm! a ZOOOZZZZ! gun with fairly poor results but better than the lt laser

Heavy combat laser: Errrr! POOSHA! than ZOOOZZZZ! with better results

30mm cg: Rapid with poor damage. Nuff sed

50mm cg: Fires out 50mm bullets

70mm cg: Fires out whopping 70mms!

Plasma: Fires out powerful plasma energy bolts

H Plasma The most powerful of the primaries. See above for explanation


small 18 pack: Standard missiles

large 8 or 18 packs: Bigger than the standard with 8 or 18 rockets weighing 800kg and 2000kg respectively

64 pack: small rapid missiles with a good damage potential

HS (heat seeking) aka IR missiles: medium damage with partial homing capability

RDR missiles: Better seeking system than HS (only difference to HS)

Nuke: high power explosive thingimywotzit

Mines: prox mines, either immobile or rolling

Mortars: come in 2 flavours. Standard and fuel air (the fuel air is like the fuel air explosive (FAE) bomb)

Nova: ???????!???????!!???????????

Flame-thower: Do I realy need to tell you what this is? (being sarcastic) It fires a fingy on fire. satsfied?

howitzers: 12cm and 21 cm

rapid lasers: light and hevy, cross a chaingun with a laser and you will get the idea

shield generators and reactors

reactor 1: output: 1333 GW

reactor 2: output: 2666 GW

reactor 3: output: 3999 GW

shield 1: power: 1200 DTU s

shield 2: power: 1800 DTU s

shield 3: power: 2400 DTU s


to activate cheats, press enter, type in and press enter again


ratsnest= md laser

dingleberry= hv laser

hardcode,curvedlines,bigones= 30mm 50mm and 70mm chainguns respectively

blipplebloops,bumssauce= light and heavy rpd lasers

gfy,cgq,bcua= small 18pk l8pk and l18pk

chernobyl= Nuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hint have nukes in all mounts : )=)=)!!)

capone,hechman,rodrigo= support (one is a super runner (find out fer yerself!))

gonzales= makes you at least (is that toooo emphasised) 8 time faster. Useful for getting out of trouble in a slow runner or you are carrying too much (remember all nukes on all pylons : ).

smite= blows up target (and totaly obliates annoying seathers, on my sys. there is this blip saying "domain error in script" (or whatever it said) that gets me soannoyed & I have to use nukes to sort it)

dogan,fnord= howitzers

pyrotek= bombing raid! (be carreful, similer to several FAE's at one time)

tinkerbell= nova (what does it do?)

useless and funny cheats

cleese (my fave) messes around with the bot sections, gun and missile projectiles appear at different places. To see use external cam or damage report (use f5, f6, or f7(mfd controls)).

monkeyslunch (mix with cleese and would be appropiatly called side-splitting steel :) plays about with the voxel texture (once i got it so that the front of the missile pack had Interplays logo on it :). use external cam to see

eject= blows your runner and you hear that familiar voice (same as ctrl+X)